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Warwick Castle - Places to visit in Warwickshire

Warwick Castle – Visit Warwickshire

The English county of Warwickshire is a  lovely place to visit all year round. Its one of the most easily accessible county’s in England, located just 30 mins from Birmingham and around an hour and thirty minutes from London. Warwickshire is of course one of the most visited county’s in the United Kingdom as located in it’s south is Stratford-on-Avon, the birth place of ‘The Bard’.

There are of course many other attractions worth visiting. One of the most famous being Warwick Castle which has all sorts of seasonal events. One of the most famous being the ‘Christmas at the Castle’  event which runs (normally) from around 30th November to the first week of January. This event includes all sorts of attractions, a  Breakfast with Santa, Christmas Lunches and even Winter Torchlit Tours. However being on of the top tourist destinations in the UK, Warwick Castle has fantastic events on offer all year round. I think most would argue that the best time of year to visit would be a hot summers day. As on such a day, as you walk into the Castle you’ll see demonstrations of archery and sometimes jousting.

Another really famous landmark in Warwickshire is the famous Coventry Cathedral. Bombed and destroyed in the Second World War. All that is left of the original 14th century cathedral is a ruined shell  which is quite eerie to walk around. Next to the ruins is built the current St Michael’s Cathedral, which was designed by Basil Spence and Arup, and is a Grade 1 listed building. It was used as the final act in the popular 2009 British Christmas comedy Nativity! starring Martin Freeman.

If you are thinking about visiting the area I would recommend having  a browse through this website which is full of all sorts of information which may be of interest.


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